Local fighting will occur when there is a conflict between what the government demands, and what the people will tolerate.  With 300 million weapons in free American hands, the Federal government will not be able to subdue America without resorting to drastic measures.  The government can use several methods to neutralize large segments of the population, and the death of millions of Americans will be considered a “good thing” by the government.

It stands to reason that the government will want to control the damage.  No sense in destroying itself along with its targets.  To that end, they can use various technologies to kill.  Neutron weapons come to mind, as they do not destroy infrastructure and the area is safe to re-enter in a short (two months is plenty) period of time.  But the bio-hazard from so many rotting corpses will be incredible.

Problem with neutron weapons is the somewhat limited killing radius.  Still, this is a good option if you are genocidal and have the technology, which the Federal government does have.

Another viable option is Electro-magnetic Pulse Weapons (EMP).  EMP is a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy that burns up electronic devices.  Cell phones, cell towers, TV’s (bye-bye high def!), automobile ignitions, gas pumps, irrigation systems, electric grids and the like can all be turned off instantly, resluting in the starvation of 10’s of millions of people.

Biological weapons can be used, and perhaps even genomic bio-weapons which are designed to attack weaknesses in specific races or groups of people who share a specific gene structure.

But there will be survivors, lots of them.  And after the initial shock and awe of the attack, the survivors will be hungry, frightened and will want some answers.  The aggressor will eventually send in either U.S. troops or foreign rental-soldiers.  Those foreign troops will not be in your neighborhood to help you, so don’t go running out to them waving flowers.  The Obama administration is currently weeding out lawful military commanders who will not fire upon U.S. citizens.

You will need some things, such as a good AR-pattern rifle, a good pistol, a large knife (large, not merely big), food that you can store for long periods of time, as much clean drinking water as you can store, medicine, bandages, trauma kits, silver, gold or jewelry for trading, and help.  You will ned a LOT of help and your neighbors will need your help.  Be prepared to team up.

Watch for gangs of every color under the rainbow.  There will be plenty, but of you good people team up and keep cool heads, you will do fine.

Watch out for drones.  They are hard to detect. You will need optical devices for both day and night operations.  Don’t scrimp on these.  Don’t scrimp on anything.  I recently told a good friend to sell his Lexus and prepare, but that hard-head told me he loved his car too much.  He can’t eat that car.  Poor guy.

You can’t eat yours, either.  Sell off some overhead and use that cash to make smart purchases.  For combat, go to this youtube page of a guy who calls himself “nutnfancy“.  I love his style and he uses a ton of common sense to evaluate equipment.  If you have other suggestions as good or better, I am all ears.