Jade Helm 15 – Bilderbergers/CIA – Veterans Are Terrorists

I listened to a very interesting radio show last night called The Pete Santilli Show. Mr. Santilli was discussing a Bilderberger named Pete Thiel and Mr. Thiels artifical intelligence software called “Palantir”, which is software that uses natural search language to identify potential criminal activy. It does other things too, but our conversation is focused on the “predicting criminal activity” part, and the relationship Pete Thiel has with Washington, D>C> and the Bilderbergers.

First, a short wiki link to Mr. Thiels wiki page: (the link to the entire page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Thiel )

Bilderberg Group

Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a private, annual gathering of intellectual figures, political leaders and business executives.[62]
Support for political activism

Thiel is a self-described conservative libertarian.[63]

Thiel has supported gay-rights causes such as the American Foundation for Equal Rights and GOProud.[64] In 2010, Thiel held Homocon 2010 for GOProud, an LGBT conservative/libertarian organization, in his New York City apartment. Thiel himself is gay.[65][66][67]


The reason I note his homosexualism is because no follower of Jesus Christ can also be a homosexual and promote homosexualism.  Its important because if one does not follow The Lord, one does in fact belong to Satan.  When one belongs to Satan, bad outcomes are easy.

Bilderbergers Steering Committee

Let’s note that Thiel is on the Steering Committee of the Bilderbergers, and that he is a homosexual. Assuming you already know that the Bilderbergers want to depopulate the earth, which includes your own death, do you think that the homosexual Thiel considers Gods command that we are our brothers keeper as important? To be homosexual is to establish enmity toward God. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to homosexual sin, and tells us that homosexualism is an abomination to Him. So no one who practices homosexualism is a child of the Most High. If one is not a child of The Lord, then one is by default the child of Satan. There is no “middle zone” for the undecided.

We have the child of Satan Peter Thiel steering the direction of the most powerful group of other children of Satan, the Bilderbergers.  He leads them, guides the conversations and sets the agendas.  Don’t you think it is reasonable to believe the Bilderbergers are neck deep in Jade Helm?

The Bilderbergers are well known to many, and any Startpage.com search (a private, secure search engine that uses anonymous google search results for you) for them will get you a ton of great information. The short story is this: Bilderbergers want to decrease the human population of the earthy by several billion. Yeah, that’s you and me and all our friends – dead.

Its all about world government, hidden behind the word “globalization”. Whenever you hear that word, know this: It is about world government where one despotic devil rules over a handful of other despotic devils, who own and operate major corporations, sit on the boards of others, “govern” nations, and all steal from each other while you and I starve to death or are executed because we are Christians and refuse the Mark of the Beast. Government becomes a mere tool to use military force to enslave populations of entire nations.

Jade Helm 15

Billionaire Pete Thiel the homosexual Bilderberger Steering Committee member is using his frighteningly powerful Palantir software to identify the areas where the most US military veterans are concentrated. According to his own wiki, he does business with multiple Federal agencies, including the NSA and CIA.

The CIA Funded Palantir

From Thiel’s own wiki page, an image I took as proof that at least today, the information was published. Click the image to get a bigger look at it. The sentence in the center is all you need to read.



So, either the CIA asked Thiel to run Palantir, or Thiel asked the CIA to fund it. Either way, Palantir is a spy machine that is used to predict outcomes based on variable input.

Note that Palantir is used “to predict outcomes“. 

Important!  The CIA obviously believes JADE HELM has the DESIRED OUTCOME based on estimations by their Palantir technology.

The CIA wants to know where the most resistance to a world government ruling over the United States will come from and the answer, per Janet Napolitano, former Directer of the DHS, is war veterans“.

Download the unclassified DHS report here.

Watch the news videos below.

Palantir Map Of The Terrorist Veterans

The CIA subsequently wanted a map of the places where the population density of US war veterans is highest, and went to Pete Thiel, the Bilderberger and Director of Palantir to get the information.

Mr. Thiel produced the following map for the CIA. This map indicates where the CIA will find the most concentrated areas of military veterans, or as the DHS classifies them: TERRORISTS.


The map above is unremarkable in and of itself. Lots of good fighters come from the Southwestern part of the United States. There are a lot of retired officers concentrated in Arizona, Texas and California.

But the one striking facet of the CIA/Palatin “veteran density” map is that it looks EXACTLY LIKE the JADE Helm 15 Hostile Territory map.

Image.Jade.Helm15.LargeIn Colorado, the military dropped Jade Helm and replaced it with the same thing under a different name, Raider Focus. The dark blue area in the Colorado map is the Colorado Springs area. It is loaded up with US military veterans and I have seen the recent images of truck loads of razor wire being taken to somewhere in that area for the Raider Focus military operation.

Knowing the following:

  • The CIA is the financial sponsor of the Palantir software
  • The man who runs that Palantir operation is a homosexual Bilderberger leader
  • The Jade Helm/Raider Focus maps of operations surround the most dense populations of US military veterans
  • The DHS (another customer of Palatir) considers veterans terrorists

what do YOU think the true purpose of Jade Helm/Raider Focus is?