Is Your Faith In What You Think You Know Greater Than Your Faith In God?

The most important information you will receive in your life, including the birth of your child, the death of a beloved parent or anything else you can imagine is this: There is NO curvature to the earth.

We have been programmed from birth to believe from pure faith that we are being told the truth regarding the spherical earth.  We are asked to take it in faith that the people running this world are honest, ethical and have only the most noble intentions for mankind.

Yet we discover every day that this is not true.  Just today a CIA insider/whistleblower provided all of the thousands of documents proving what I have been telling my readers for many years: The government is spying on us and had lied about it from day one.

You know that our government is dishonest, even evil.  Although there certainly are good men and women in the government, the people at the top are utterly corrupt. Most subscribers of this site voted for Trump in a desperate hope that he would “drain the swamp” specifically because we know that the end of America is in sight if we do not change.

Therefore, it is only a small step into the offices of NASA, which is one of the most powerful “wizards” in the cult of Apollyon.

As I researched the so-called Apollo moon missions, I discovered that the whole program was theater.  I learned that none of the astronauts credited with moon landings would swear on a Holy Bible that they actually went to the moon.  They kicked, cussed and punched in the mouth the videographer who dared ask them to take that oath. Its recorded on live video.

What are the astronauts so afraid of that they punch a man in the face and kick him and dog cuss him for asking one simple question?  They are so afraid that some of them actually RUN from the questioner.


I learned that astronaut Gus Grissom was bolted into a test capsule, which was subsequently pumped full of pressurized pure oxygen, which subsequently exploded and killed him on the spot.  He was a note-taking whistle-blower and he had to be silenced.

Grissom’ son said he recently was granted access to the charred capsule and discovered a “fabricated” metal plate located behind a control panel switch. The switch controlled the capsules’ electrical power source from an outside source to the ship’s batteries. Grissom argues that the placement of the metal plate was an act of sabotage. When the one of the astronauts toggled the switch to transfer power to the ship’s batteries, a spark was created igniting a fireball.

I learned that his son went into that capsule 20 years later and found a small hidden switch attached to the instrument panel that was designed to create a spark when the switch above it was actuated, causing the explosion.

I learned that the vast bulk of “moon videos” were in fact made in Langley, Virginia (CIA HQ) and in the Arizona desert by NASA.

I learned that over 30 moon craters and features are named after Jesuit priests by NASA.

Designing and Building the Fake Moon Used In Fake Apollo Landing

I learned that ALL of the Apollo telemetry data was “accidentally” destroyed, and that the only machine on earth capable of replaying telemetry data was dismantled and also destroyed by NASA.

I learned that external ISS video is shot underwater in a pool.  I saw the air bubbles, and I saw the scuba tank inside the hatch.

I learned that the interior ISS videos are shot inside a zero-gravity plane, a simulator which dives steeply to create artificial zero-gravity built by NASA.

I Asked Myself “Why?”

Asking the right questions takes one far.  The “Why” became apparent to me later, when I came across the Flat Earth information.

Yes, I was skeptical, and even now I cannot answer some of my questions; questions like “How are satellite transmissions accomplished?” and how do satellite phones work if there are no satellites in space?  What about that firmament?

The one piece of flat earth evidence that is absolutely solid and provable is the evidence that there is no curvature to the earth.  Yes, I know that Google Images has hundreds of images of the earth, but upon investigation I learned that ALL of them are computer generated and photoshop is used to edit them. It is actually confirmed by the lead image artist of NASA himself, Robert Simmon.  He says himself in video 2 below that the earth images are made “primarily by taking data and making images out of it”.

No photos.  All created.

But “Why?”

Simple.  NASA and other agencies wish to contradict the Holy Bible in order to diminish your faith, and promote the Big Bang, atheism, evolution and ultimately a one-world government probably established in conjunction with alien origins in order to pave the way for Lucifer to rule the earth and be worshiped as god – the Luciferian agenda.

You ask yourself “How could such a huge plan be kept secret? Surely someone would talk.”  And talk some do.  It is no longer a secret plan, and the truth is known.  The problem is that most people want to believe that everything they think they know is in fact factual.  Rational people prefer stability.  They want to believe that they are on top of things, that nothing of this magnitude could possibly be true.

The problem then is our own desire to live as if we “know” what is really going on, when in fact all that we think we “know” is actually information we have been told by others.  We believe NASA more fervently than we believe God.  We have spherical globes of the earth in our homes.  We teach our children from them because we were told in elementary school that the earth is a ball.  Our teachers were told the same thing, and their teachers were, too.

Fact is that the spherical earth theory is unproven and unsupported by evidence, just as evolution is an unsupported theory rapidly fading in adherents.

NASA has about a $20,000,000,000 (yes, billion) budget for FY 2017.  Similar budgets for preceding years.  With all that free money, can you guess why NASA will not put an earth-facing live feed camera in “space”?  Can you guess why they have never a live feed video of earth that shows the buildings in Australia upside down? Have you ever wondered why NASA will not direct the alleged Hubble Space Telescope toward that alleged flag on the moon?

The Moon: How Far Away Is It?

The moon is allegedly 238,000 miles from you, but you can see a Tycho, a crater only 50 miles across

The moon is alleged to be 238,000 miles away from your eyeballs.  That’s pretty far.  On the moon are many obvious craters, one which is named Tycho (after Danish alchemist Tycho Brahe whose theories modifying geocentricity (earth-centered universe) were adopted by the Jesuits . Tycho is a very prominent crater near the current bottom of the moon.  You can see it yourself, maybe right now.  If its dark, go look now.

The crater Tycho is 85km wide, or only 52.8 miles in diameter (edge to edge across the widest point.)  So, using a little simple math, let’s put that into perspective by dividing 238,000 by 2 and 53 miles by 2, reducing this to numbers we can relate to.

238000 /2 = 119,000 and 53/2=26.5.  Removing the three zeros from 119,000 by dividing by 1000 yields 119 miles, and dividing 26.5 by the same exact amount yields 0.0265 miles, or 46 yards across.

An NFL football field is 53 yards wide by 120 yards long.

Do you think anyone can see with his naked eye a football field suspended in the sky 119 miles from his eyeballs?

To scale it further, let’s keep dividing…

Can we see an object 25 yards x 60 yards at 60 miles?  Visualize a big billboard, 75 feet wide and 180 feet long standing in the desert.  Could you clearly see that billboard from 60 miles away with your naked eyes?

How about a real billboard, which is most commonly 14 feet by 48 feet?  That is roughly 4 yards x 16 yards.  Can you see that very well at 15 miles?  At seven miles?  No, we cannot even see it, much less make out any details.  The billboard is invisible to us at seven miles, and this scale closely approximates Tycho at 238,000 miles.

Consider that large ships at sea cannot be seen with the naked eye at only five or six miles, but can be with binoculars out to 20 miles or so, when atmospheric mass (water vapor in this case) gets too dense between you and the ship to see it any longer.

How about 12 yards x 30 yards at 30 miles?  6 yards x 15 yards at 15 miles?  3 yards x 8 yards at seven miles?  1.5 yards x four yards at 3.5 miles?  2.5 FEET x six FEET at 1.7 miles?  Can you see your best friend standing in plain sight 1.7 miles away?  From my window behind my monitor I can easily see the hills across the canyon, and they are right at two miles away.  There is no way I can see a six foot man at that distance.  He would be only a tiny dot, maybe the size of a flea and I could not possibly tell what the object was.

But we are expected to believe that we can see an identically scaled object in pretty good detail at over 230,000 miles.

NASA lies, and the moon is much closer than they tell us.

Increasingly, evolution is demolished, even by scientists.  So is ball earth theory.  Scientists worldwide are stepping up to speak out on the fact that everything in space seems to be moving away from the earth, and that the earth is in fact the center of the universe.

The Answer To The Question “WHY?”

Yes, the earth is flat.  It is flat.  After personally, repeatedly and somewhat nervously investigating this outrageous, crazy, insane, backward and ignorant claim, I discovered to my utter amazement and fascination that THERE IS NO CURVATURE to the earth.  Since there is no curvature, the earth is necessarily FLAT.  Awesome.

Flat Earth Is Reality.  Google Earth Is Fraud.  Those “Spherical Earth” Images?  All composite and edited low-flight images stitched together and computer-enhanced to fit a sphere model.  I know, hard to believe, right? But remember that Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google) is a Bilderberger, too.  An “Inside man.”

Look, you don’t have to tell anyone the earth is flat.  I only tell you guys because some of you really want the truth.  The truth welcomes investigation, and the flat earth proofs are exploding all over the Internet.  It is fantastic to see how owned and controlled most human minds are, because most people when confronted with zero curvature just refuse to believe the facts.

The zero curvature proof is in several mathmatical formulas, but the easiest one for non-mathmaticians is this:

8-inches (of curvature per mile) x miles (squared) = curvature.  NASA claims the earth is round lika a ball, which means there is a consistent curve to the “planet”.  That alleged curve is 8 inches for every mile, and it grows steeper as you add on more miles.

From the summit of any such arc there will exist a curvature or declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile. In the second mile the fall will be 32 inches; in the third mile, 72 inches, or 6 feet, as shown in the diagram above. Spherical trigonometry dictates that a ball-Earth 25,000 miles in circumference would curvate 8 inches per mile varying inversely with the square of the mile, so after six miles there would be an easily detectable and measurable 16 feet, 8 inches of downward curvature.

That does not happen, folks.  The plain-sight evidence of flat earth is everywhere.  If we are on a ball, we would see that the horizon gets lower and lower as we gain altitude.  Instead, what we see is a horizon that remains directly in our plane of vision, straight out in front of us because the earth is a plane, straight out in front of us.

The Flat Earth proof is extremely important because the Holy Bible states we are on a circular (not spherical) earth, set on foundations and immovable.  We cannot get out far enough to take actual images of the earth with satellites because of gamma and x-ray radiation, as stated by NASA itself in their own recent video below.  The radiation is deadly to humans, deadly to electronics, and unblockable because the weight of adequate shielding will make any launch impossible.

I guess that the government believes we are sufficiently fogged up by the aluminum in their chemical spraying that we would not notice these HUGE lies and contradictions.

NASA’s Own Video Proves Again No Space Flight.  No Satellites In Deep Space. Radiation Overwhelming And Unblockable.

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