The scripture above is from the New Testament book of First Timothy, Chapter Six V 15-16-17.  It describes God as being the only immortal. Jesus, Yahweh and the Holy Spirit are all separate entities, but are also all one single unified God.  Don’t stretch yourself over that.  Its a non-human, divine thing that those who follow Jesus Christ will understand fully when we pass from the human to the heavenly.

I love this scripture.  As for describing God, I believe it does that perfectly.  God resides in light so brilliant that it cannot be penetrated.  That light emanates from The Lord to such a degree because God is perfect.

The difficulty with understanding God is this: We humans cannot grasp what “perfect” means at His level.  We cannot grasp His level, either.  There is no way that we can understand Him, and even the angels in Heaven wonder in amazement at the things God does in our creation.  They marvel at we humans, too, because some of us worship God so faithfully, yet none among us has ever seen God. It is because God Himself gives us faith in Him.

Everything flows from God to His children.

Perfection.  We think that two eggs over easy without breaking the yolk is “perfect”.  We think Michael Jordan’s game-winning shot in his last NBA championship is “perfection”.

God has always existed.  There is no “beginning” with the Lord.  We humans cannot really understand that, because we only understand linear time.  Time exists in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.  We use atomic clocks to shave milliseconds off seconds, dividing time into ever smaller, faster increments, while we estimate space travel in light years.  Time is a tool of measurement, nothing more.

Because time does not actually exist (because it is purely human in its nature), time does not exist in heaven, either.  I believe that everything will take place in an instant in heaven.  No waiting.  When Adam walked into Heaven, he walked in beside the last human to die on earth and ascend into Heaven.

Evil By The Wicked

We cannot imagine the extent of the goodness of God, though the dogs howl that no loving God could allow such evil as there exists now.  God gives all mankind the freedom to choose good or evil each moment of every day.  Many choose evil, and do much harm to others.  But this is not the plan or act of God.  These are the choices of men.  If you want evil men to keep away from you, kill them when they come.  That will send the proper message to the rest.  If evil men harm innocent others, kill the evil men.  That will sufficiently warn other evil men to change their ways.

If you do not kill evil men, evil will flourish and devour the whole earth.  And the burden is upon you, for you know the difference between good and evil.  Though Satan seeks continually to cloud the minds of men and of you, still you know what is evil, and what is good.

Only that which clearly reflects the Word of God as described in the Holy Bible is good.  Any deviation from the teachings of God is evil, and of the devil.  The teachers of satans lies are evil and must be corrected, or eliminated.

Sin Must Be Named

God sends leaders to us as ministers, and God can and will send evil rulers to govern us if the hearts of the people are corrupt.  I ask you, are the hearts of the people corrupt?  Do the people turn away from God?  Do the people say that every vile things is right and good?  Or do the people curse and spit upon the righteous men of God?

The Pastors of the church, the shepherds of the flock of God, always say that “God works through people”, and He does.  But when do those very same Pastors preach that God strikes His enemies dead with those very same people?  It is cowardice in the American pulpit that allows the spiritual rape of America.  Not one shepherd will draw the sword that Christ commands they possess and carry, and strike deeply into the heart of the wolves of satan.  These so-called shepherds say “pray for them”, while Jesus personally overturned tables and cracked a leather whip to beat the money lenders bloody.

King David slaughtered entire nations of pagans, and God calls David “a man after God’s own heart”.

If you are going to recommend prayer, dear pastor, ask your dying sheep to pray for a warrior pastor, for we are at war and your knocking knees the sound of the church drum.

Are all of you afraid to die?

Stand Up

When will you, Lutheran, take a whip to the homosexual in your own pulpit?  And you, Church of Christ, yours?  Presbyterian?  And as for you Methodists conducting occult seances, where is the good shepherd driving you from the church?  Beating his drum, no doubt.

It must begin in the church.  You must follow the example of Christ, turn over the tables and whip the devils out of the pulpit.  Do it now.  Begin this very day.  Take Jesus in with you and strike now.

The howling dogs who follow the lusts of their flesh will soon be ripped up from the face of the earth as God separates the tares from the wheat.  The blood of the lost will stain the hands of the silent.  Which are you, tare or wheat?  God says that He will pull the tares out first, sparing the wheat.  The tares will burn.  Anyone who does not confess that Jesus Christ is Lord will burn.  Yet even the demons of hell, those dead spirits of the Nephilim, freely confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Holy One of God.  Yet they will burn on that last day.  They are inhuman and ineligible for salvation, being the dead spirits of the Nephilim.

But what about you?  Do you believe that you are saved merely because you are an American?  Do you believe that Salvation is a political outcome?  Do you believe that you are saved because you were sprinkled, or because in your pre-teen years you “walked the aisle”?

I tell you the truth: If you have not fallen on your knees and cried out to God for the salvation of your soul, you will surely die and burn.  Your salvation only comes from a personal, real relationship with Christ, and that relationship will manifest itself with your voracious appetite for Gods Word.  When you tap into the power of God through Salvation, your soul awakes and is famished for the Word of God.

There is no way one can be saved and not crave every word of Gods Holy Bible.  When you connect with the creator of the Universe, it changes you.  You crave His wisdom, you yearn to experience physical death so you can be with Him always.  Did you ask the Lord to bring you home today?  If not, you best re-evaluate your walk with Christ and return to His word, because life beside the Lord God Almighty is infinitely better than the very best life on earth.

There are a billion pages of content regarding “God” on the Internet, but only one single page titled “God” here.  And there is only one question here that needs your answer.