Four Blood Moon Dates – What It Means In Christian Bible Prophecy & The Blood Moon Dates


I am a Christian who believes the Holy Bible, and I worship Jesus as my Lord. I got saved by Yahweh in 1993 when I was a wild renegade who hated God. I cursed Him but could not deny that He was actually God. Just not my God. I was my own God, which nearly killed me.

When the Lord showed me that He was real, I fell to my knees and committed to follow Him the rest of my life. I still do that.

All my life, from as far back as I can remember, I seem to have known that I would be alive at the time of the end. In fact, I do not think I will ever die in the classic sense, but believe that I will be raptured into the heavens with millions of other Christians by Yeshua when He comes for us.

His arrival is soon.

I found this after watching Pastor John Hagees sermons on the blood moon dates. I bought his book about the blood moons, and when I read it I discovered that he got his heads up from this Pastor, Mark Biltz. So I found this sermon of Pastor Mark and BAM. All of it fell together for me.

Watch this video. You will get a little impatient with it at first. I did, and fiddled with gadgets on my desk until about 40 minutes into it, when suddenly I found I was very, very interested in what Mark Biltz was telling me about those four blood moons. I finished the entire video, and watched all of it again, paying close attention the entire time.

This is the only video you will ever need to watch about the four blood moon dates. You will learn new things every time you watch it, too.  It gives you a lot of detailed background information, which you will appreciate when he gets to the blood moons, also called a “tetrad”.  All of this begins in April 2014, and the dates are calculated by NASA for the blood moons and the solar eclipse.

Enjoy this. Share it with everyone you love because what you learn from this teacher will give you tremendous hope for your future, and dear brother or sister, we will see our hearts desire come true very, very soon.

Pastor Mark Biltz – Four Blood Moon Dates

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