The Orlando bar where the homosexuals were killed (called “Islamacide“) implemented absolutely perfect “GUN CONTROL”. No one had a weapon. ZERO “civilian weapons” were in the bar. Then, a person with a rifle came in and started killing all the UNARMED people in the bar. So EVIL INTENT will ALWAYS be AMONG us. UNARMED people DIE in MASS killings. We Will NEVER surrender our FREEDOM. Government will have to KILL us in order to DISARM us.


A 31-minute history of what happens when guns (effective self-defense) are denied or restricted by armed governments.

It is always government using arms to disarm civilians.  The Founding Fathers who wrote the United States Constitution understood that only armed Christians could properly defend America, and they understood that Americas’ gravest threat was internalpolitical, central banking, despotism.  Armed Christians are the answer to America’s defense of God-given personal liberty.

We are NOT the property of any government on earth.  Governments instinctively seek to regulate human life exactly as if we are cattle.  Herded, injected, fenced, fed and ultimately executed at the convenience of government.

Armed Citizens, especially armed Christians, stabilize and pacify territory.  The ideal culture reads the Holy Bible and meets for target practice after Sunday church.

The government  seeks to vilify the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle specifically because it represents two things: American freedom and effective personal defense.  Government wants YOU defenseless.  Crime control is not the agenda.  Population control is.

Statistical data to read while you listen to and watch the truth about firearms video.

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