FBI Director Comey Was Fired For Playing Politics And Ignoring Actual Crime.

President Donald J. Trump is absolutely correct to fire former FBI Director Comey.  Comey was fired because President Trump and millions of other Americans are disgusted with Comey playing politics instead of doing his job.

Comey wanted to play the “man in the middle”, a top-shelf law enforcement insider who thought he could stonewall the search for truth, obfuscate the lies and influence the leadership of America.  He considered himself a “player”.

No more.

Comey sealed his fate when it was proven by the Inspector General of the United States that Hillary Clinton sent many Top Secret/SAP emails through her secret email server located in the basement of her private residence.

In a letter sent to the heads of congressional oversight committees on January 14, Charles McCullough, the intelligence community’s inspector general, said he received two sworn declarations from Intelligence Community members who determined that Clinton’s communications contained information deemed to be “CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET/SAP.”

Top Secret/SAP, or special access program, is a classified designation “deemed so sensitive that it requires more rigorous protection than other classified information. Such protection may include heightened ‘need to know’ requirements, cover measures, and other steps.”

Her use of a private email server was illegal from the moment the very first email was sent that contained government information, and it went on for years.

Comey let that slide. Why?

There were many other illegal acts by Clinton that Comey ignored.  Why?

According to former U.S. Attorney Joseph E. diGenova, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state “violated classified information laws — both misdemeanors and felonies.” Comeys’ response to all of her criminal activities was silence. Why?

But getting right to the point, Clinton sent many Top Secret/SAP emails through her server and every instance was and is still a felony.  Comey ignored these illegalities.  Why?

FBI agents in D.C. were and are furious with Comey over his acquiescence to Clintons illegal acts.  Law enforcement took a back seat when it came to Comey.  He was in the game to accrue political power.  He wanted to gain leverage, to win favor while holding the Aces up his sleeve.

Senator John McCain hand carried bogus trash to former FBI Director Comey that suggested President Trump was involved in immoral sexual activity “overseas”.  One can be sure that McCain hoped against hope that the yellow journalism he personally delivered to Comey would bear fruit.  Magically, the fabricated nonsense leaked to the liberal media and made headlines for a few weeks until it was proven false.

President Trump has many powerful enemies.  A lot of money is on the table.  The “Russian connection” is a theme being drummed into Trump in order to force Trump into literal war with Russia just to prove that there is no secret collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Personally, peace is a neat idea.  We should have more of it.  But the Trump/Russia meme is a valuable lever to those who want Trump squeezed into the tightest corner they can get him into.  Comey was the ideal man to beat that drum, specifically because the position of Director, FBI is such an iconic one, representing all that is good and noble.

Yet if Comey were “good and noble”, he would have charged Clinton immediately upon learning of the very first instance of her felonious activity.  Instead, he stalled, stonewalled and obfuscated.  He ignored her criminal activity.  Why?

There is enough to this story to fill several books, but the bottom line is this: Comey knew and had the proof that Clinton was a felon; that she committed many serious felonies and that she knew she was commiting felonies, and he turned his back.

So he is fired, and good riddance.  Now Trump needs a Director in there who will take the evidence the FBI has in its possession now and charge Hillary Clinton with violating the Secrecy Act.  She is obviously guilty and she needs to be imprisoned ASAP.  Get to work, FBI.


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