Faithful District Attorney (San Antonio, TX) Fights Vaccinations

With the OVERWHELMING proof that vaccinations are a complete farce, only ignorant fools support them. The proof is so profound that I personally cannot believe that this is still a point of debate. VACCINATIONS are a fraud. A FARCE. Vaccinations are a MONEY SPIGOT for stock-holders of pharmaceutical companies.

Watch this excellent video of the interview VAXXED did with the San Antonio, TX district attorney and his wife. Their baby son was “vaccinated” and that was the end of their son’s normal life.

I respect this man. He is a Bible-quoting warrior for truth and I would stand by him any time and anywhere. People who will not defend the defenseless are the worst kind of human beings. It is our duty as men to fight evil, to speak truth, to name the criminals and imprison them.

Do you stupidly support vaccinations? Do you put pressure on your people to obtain vaccinations? Do you do honest research into “vaccinations”?

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