The United States economy will collapse soon.  We sold all of our gold and we are in debt $17 trillion U.S. dollars (USD).  That’s 17 million million dollars.  Its not a sum we can imagine, but it is far more than we can repay.  And our money is created out of thin air.  Its backed by …thin air.  The only thing holding up the dollar is China’s reluctance to dump the U.S. debt it owns in the form of  Treasury Bills. This isn’t an economics lesson and I am no Ph.D. Economics professor, but there are excellent writers on this subject if you want more information on the technical details.

Here, “economic collapse” articles cover the big picture and what you can do to strengthen your family against the panic and chaos that will follow the collapse.  The video is an interview of Gerald Celente, a hot-shot investment advisor that you can trust for the truth.  He doesn’t know everything, of course, but he is in tune, experienced, ethical and smart.  I love his information and you will, too.

The interview is conducted by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network.

Gerald Celente: Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014


Bear in mind that Celente’s estimations coincide with Obama’s date to publicly propose to divide Israel.  This estimation also coincides with the first of four highly Biblical Blood Moons as presented by Mark Biltz.

Remember to take in all of this information as a warning, as a “heads up”.  No one can predict the future with quartz-watch accuracy.  For that matter, I cannot even tell you what I will eat for dinner tonight, or whether or not I will even eat dinner.  So if dinner is difficult to predict unless you personally determine to take a very specific action to cause a specific result, know that our Babylonian economy will not fall until Gods timing causes that specific result.