Does This 1920’s Photograph Depict The Wall of The Dome Covering The Earth?

It seems crazy to even consider the possibility that the earth is flat, but most of mankind did for thousands of years.  When I first saw the article and video titles suggesting a flat earth, I practically gasped at the ignorance, but curiosity eventually lured me to give it an honest examination, and now I find that there seems to be more and stronger evidence of a flat earth than there is of a spherical earth.  Yes, I know that Google Images is loaded with images of a spherical earth, but nearly all of those images are created with low-earth orbit photos pieced together and formed into a ball shape.  Also, there are never any stars in any image of earth allegedly taken from space, yet I can photograph stars from my back yard.  I have also caught NASA in many outright lies, so I am skeptical of anything NASA touches.

Apparently, the word “nasa” in Hebrew means to “deceive“. See Strongs 5377

I saw the image below and thought I would publish it.  The image was taken by George Rayner in the 1920’s at Antarctica.  The original image is at this link, the Museums Victoria Collections .  Click the image for full size, and visit the original Museum site here:

edge dome antarctica flat earth

Sure looks like some sort of wall/dome to me.

I distinctly remember looking up into the night sky the night I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and thinking to myself how the sky looked exactly like an upside-down bowl of stars. I never gave it a second thought until this flat earth controversy started up, and then I remembered that impression.

If you are interested in more biblical references to a flat earth, you might find the following website valuable:

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