Did Satan Rule On Earth During a Period Before Adam Was Created?

I am reading a copy of a book written by G. H. Pember, titled Earth’s Earliest Ages.  The book was written about 140 years ago, and it is very good.  Mr. Pember obviously loves God and knows his scripture.  My copy is a .pdf, which you may download here: earths-earliest-ages-gh-pember

You can buy the paperback from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Earths-Earliest-Ages-G-Pember/dp/0825435331

I do recommend this book.  The language is as easy to read as modern English, it jjst takes you a few pages of reading to get you rmind used to some of the word positioning.  They were smarter than us in those days, and they used the language more effectively.

Why should you read this book?  To begin with, it is very scriptural and does not contradict Genesis in any way.  In fact, it will help the reader understand Genesis better than ever.

I am reading it on one of my monitors as I write this book review.  It is after midnight, and I want to continue reading.  Everyone is asleep here, except for myself.  Every page compels me to read the following page.  He just suggested why the “sea will give up its dead” first.  Its not for the reason you think, and his reasoning is very sound.

I have to end my day now.  It is quite late and I am quite sleepy.  Download the .pdf and read the forst two chapters.  If you are still fascinated by this guy, order the book from Amazon.  It is impossible to find most anywhere else.

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By calvinnme HALL OF FAMETOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on October 11, 2006

Format: Paperback

G.H. Pember lived from 1837-1910. As a result, this book’s language can be quite difficult for the modern reader to follow. However, it is worth it. To begin with, Pember ably reconciles the 6000 year history of man from Adam to the present age with the scientific findings that the earth is much older than 6000 years of age. He also discusses some of the finer points of the book of Genesis, including the time of Noah, and the evil that was taking place upon the earth that was so bad that God felt he had to start over.Probably the most controversial chapter in the book is the last – “As It Was in the Days of Noah” – which talks about the current age being the last. Pember lays out seven trends that prove that these (in his case, the late 19th century) are the end times. This is where he really gets mocked on various websites I have visited, but he does have some points that are undeniable if you give them some thought.First Pember says that man has come to regard God – if he regards him at all – as Creator and Benefactor, not as a God that must deal with sinners. In other words the common view among people today is that “God is Love” with no regard for justice, and that somehow nearly all, with the exception of the worst criminals, will escape God’s judgement.

Second, Pember quotes “An undue prominence of the female sex, and a disregard for the primal law of marriage.” He doesn’t discuss much about the first part of this sentence, but the second part he discusses at length as man’s willingness to see marriage as a contract that can be ended at any time. This has clearly come to pass.

Third, Pember notes “A rapid progress in the mechanical arts …Also a proficiency in the fine arts”. Here, Pember is noting that the industrial revolution, which had already occurred at the time he wrote this, made life so much easier that man could disregard God due to the mitigation of the original curse put on man at the time of Adam. Pember argues that the fine arts “induce an entire oblivion of God” because entertainment tends to distract man from God. If this was true in 1900, it is so much more true today! In the U.S. people are becoming more and more obese because the world of entertainment and an easy life are killing them physically as well as spiritually as they hardly need to get off of their couches to perform any task or fulfill any desire. Not that anyone would want to go back to carrying water from earthen wells, but the effect of man’s reliance on automation for so many things coupled with the ability to fill the resulting leisure time with custom-built entertainment of every kind imaginable undoubtedly makes it easy to ignor God.

Pember’s fourth trend is “an alliance between the nominal church and the World”. Here Pember is basically saying that the nominal church and the World wed by subverting spiritual things and making their gatherings more of a show devoid of God and His desires. Again, this is still seen in the present age.

The fifth trend is “a vast increase in population”. Here, he never really makes a case as to why this is a bad trend, at least in my opinion.

The sixth trend is “the rejection of the preaching of Enoch and Noah”. Pember is talking about the rejection of calls to repentence, and the fact that the Lord is tarrying in returning is causing many to mock the preaching ones. At the time Pember wrote this, he mentions a revival that had been going on fifty years. Add another century, and look around, and you can see that getting anyone to take you seriously when you say the end times are here is indeed a problem. However,Pember notes it was 120 years from the time God decided to flood the earth until it actually happened.

The seventh and final trend is “The appearance upon earth of the Principalities of the Air and their unlawful union with the human race.” This was something mentioned in the book of Genesis and discussed at length in Pember’s book about the times of Noah, although even Pember doesn’t make a strong argument for this currently happening.

In summary, even though it is over 100 years old, I really recommend this book. It is hard to read due to the antiquity of the 19th century writing style, but it discusses matters you won’t find in any other book. Also, if you think long and hard about what Pember is saying, you’ll see that he has many points to make that are relevant to today’s believers and the world condition. Of course, if you are not a Christian, you will probably be totally unconvinced by this book, since it is not a beginning book of evangelism.

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By A Customer on September 16, 1999

Format: Paperback

This book is a higher reading level and requires a good background in scripture along with some background in demonology to fully comprehend. The author assumes the reader is well versed with the Christian Doctrine of the Redemptiom and the Harrowing of Hell. The book, though written in the late 1800’s is incredibly pertinent today in that it not only describes and predicts the “New Age” movement but tells us why the New Age trend has grown and what the result will be. The author proves through scripture what we are to expect. A brilliant work all in all.
Y Suzin – Forest Hills, New York City

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By Pam Palmer on March 6, 2000

Format: Paperback

This book has a wealth of information about subjects that are not completely descriptive in the Bible, yet he paints a very rational and thought provoking picture of them. The pre-Adamic earth and the pre-deluge earth scenarios are incredible! A must read.This is just one of the many books that Pember “rightly divides the word of truth” in! I recommend all of his books, as well as those of his fellow scholars…D.M. Panton, Robert Govett, R.E. Neighbour, etc. These men of God knew how to teach the truth of the coming kingdom of God. Get them all!

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By A Customer on February 15, 2001

Format: Paperback

I knew of this book when I was a teenager and had always wanted to get a copy of my own. Thanks to Amazon here it is ! This book was very revealing to me in relation to the existance of a Pre-Adamic race of humaniods. This race eventually were judged and destroyed by God before the Garden of Eden due to their joining with Satan through the occult. These eventually became the demons of the Bible. Demons are not “fallen angels” but rather disembodied spirits of these pre-adamic races. Interestingly enough, this book also not only counteracted against Spiritualism but also again the theory of evolution itself, which was becoming popular in the late 19th Century. It is a must read for everyone in the 21st Century.

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By A Customer on May 10, 2000

Format: Paperback

of the fallen, invisible, spiritual realm that is fighting to frustrate the accomplishment of God’s eternal purpose. Written to expose the spiritualism that was becoming popular in his time (late nineteenth century), this book is very appropriate for our times. George Hawkins Pember was a man who knew the Word of God and was fully illuminated by the Spirit of God. Using the Scriptures, Pember unveils to us how God’s enemy fell, the beings who followed him in his rebellion, and how they utilize spiritualism and other practices to deceive and entrap people.

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By CS in Alabama on October 18, 2008

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Pember’s book lays out a logical foundation for his belief that a civilization was here before us and that this civilization was destroyed by God under the waters of judgement. This book explains that the demons are the unjudged peoples of this past creation and are quite distinct from fallen angels. His account / timeline of the recreation of the earth in the 6 days and the placement of man on the earth is well supported and bears the ring of spritual truth.One of the most frightening aspects of Pember’s book is the view he provides us of how we have fallen from the mark of a morally upright society. Pember himself questions if in fact even his own generation was so evil that it was going to be destroyed. In comparison to ours, his was puritanical. His description of the moral failings of the times of Noah parallel our own. Sadly, where Noah and Pember were able to speak out in their generations, to speak out now against sin and perversion is to invite calls of intolerance and hate speak upon yourself. Finally, as a book of Chrisitian writings and a guide to salvation, Pember does not disappoint. His writing is timeless and truthful.



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