The decision to follow Christ, to accept Him as your Lord and Savior, is the most important decision you will make.  “Yes” to Jesus means you will live eternally with Him in a place we call “heaven”.  Yes, there really is another place.  Yes, there really are angels, and they are powerful, fearless, exceeding capable warriors for God.

The enemy of God is also real.  He is called the “Prince of this world” by God, and yes, he really is the prince of the world.  It’s part of Gods plan, so don’t worry over it.  God uses His enemy as a way to separate the righteous from the unrighteous.  The lost souls (those who turn down Jesus’ offer of eternal life with Him) will burn in hell, and yes, hell is a real place.

The world, being ruled by a very evil liar, will always deny Christ, deny heaven, deny hell, deny salvation or the need for it.  Satan is the prince of evil, the prince of the world and his hatred for man and God permeates everything.

But God is, well, GOD.  He is in absolute control over the whole story, even when Ebola and famine and war and Islamic slaughter is rampaging throughout the world.

Therefore, I invite you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord.  Invite Jesus into your heart and grant Him permission to live within you.  He will come, and His presence within you will turn you into a whole new person.

New and good change will take place rapidly.  He will begin removing evil people and influences from your life, but LET THAT HAPPEN.  I ran from those changes myself several years ago.  I noticed that the closer to God I got, the more He changed my life.  I didn’t want those changes, so I obviously I didn’t really want to follow Jesus.

But I do now.  I fully understand that Jesus is the ONLY answer, and I pray daily to follow the Lord with greater surrender of self to Him.  I seek that radical change and I run to it.

Do I fear some of it?  Yes I do.  But I TRUST God more than ever before, and I know that the changes will move forward the cause of Christ.  Moving Christ forward is the best life one can live.

Come, let us live that life together.