I believe that Jesus came to earth and was crucified on the cross for our sins. He rose from the grave after three days and ministered to His disciples and others for 40 additional days.  I believe that He has always existed as God.  I believe in the Holy Trinity of Jehovah, Yeshua and The Holy Spirit.  God and His angels are males with masculine attributes.

I read and study the KJV, although I own and have read the NIV.  I also refer to the Darby, and to the Believers Bible Commentary, Scofield and Wesley.

I am a convinced believer and though I do sin, I know I am forgiven and that after I stand before The Lord and am judged, I will remain with Him in Heaven.

We live in the last days and there is nothing but Christ and Him crucified. Boldly advance The Word.  Let nothing snare you.