Trump, The Demon God Osiris and Trumps Odd Gift To The Pope

Today it might be a good idea to share some things with you.  This is a new thing for me, although I have considered the idea for a year or two.  What “triggered” this activity is an article I just read in the Telegraph that details how some exceptionally talented software crackers have managed to insert malicious code into several video players which subsequently turns downloaded sub-titles into ransomware.

Ransomware In Your Video Player

Yes, you read that ...

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Catholic Relief Service Funds Pro-Abortion Candidates 98 Percent

I never have had an axe to grind against the Catholic Church.  Like most Americans, I just figured that the Catholics were people ignorant of Holy Scripture and they elected to let a man in a pointy hat lie and tell them that he was their intercessor.  But over the last two years I have learned a shocking amount of information that proves the Catholic Church is a false church, a blasphemous, bloody beast of an organization that, at the ...

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Catholicism: The Sin Engine That Powers Apocalypse

The Catholic Church is not established by Peter, the Disciple of Yeshua, but Catholicism lies and states that Peter founded the church.  Peters dead bones are not at the base of the idol of Isiris at the Vatican, but were found in Jerusalem plainly marked in the 1950’s.  Yet the Catholic church lies and says that the bones are there. Peter was never a “catholic”, thus never a “pope”.

Worse, the Catholic Church changed the Holy Bible by eliminating ...

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Pope Francis Endorses Homosexuals

I am not particularly interested in the Roman Universal Church(“Catholic” means “universal”), but because it is huge and because Pope Francis continues to attack Christ, I am lately spending an inordinate amount of time on it.

Recently (May 23rd) Pope Francis held Mass with Fr. (Don) Michele de Paolis  at the Domus Santa Martha.  de Paolis is a 93 year old homosexual who says that:

Homosexual love is a gift from (God) no less than heterosexual.”

Catholic ...

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Is Pope Francis Cathosexual?

There is something quite queer going on in the world these days.  The President of The United States, and the head of the largest pagan church on earth are united in their promotion of homosexualism.

On July 21st this year (2014), The Abortion President signed into law a ruling that denies tax support to organizations that do not employ homosexuals.

Obama has ignored the pleas of even his pals on the “religious left” — those who were willing ...

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Catholicism: Pagan Heresy & The Doctrines Of Devils

If you are Catholic, please try not to have ill will toward me for what you will read here.  I do not have any axe to grind, but instead simply seek the truth.  I am sure there are a good many saved Christians in the Catholic Church.  It is unfortunate that the Pope is not among them.

Yes, I did say that the Pope is lost, is a blasphemer and is going to Hell unless he renounces his heresy and seeks ...

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