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GOD Commands Christians To Arm


Also read of God’s command that all followers of Jesus Arm themselves.  Yes, even you.

Many Christians ask themselves and their pastors if they should buy a gun or carry a gun.  The pastors never seem to refer to Holy Scripture, choosing instead to deliver a canned “popular” answer.  The truth is this: God commands Christians to arm themselves.  If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, then obey Him and buy a good battle rifle.  I will give you the scriptures in just a minute.

Armed Christians Are Better Equipped To Live And Spread The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

It is extremely difficult to read the news each day and learn of the latest demonic atrocities perpetrated by Muslims and our own United States Federal government.  Just recently, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appointed a Muslim to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).

Andre Carson, Muslim, appointed by Pelosi to Intelligence Cmte.

Andre Carson, Muslim, appointed by Pelosi to Intelligence Cmte.

Pelosi doesn’t urinate during the week without getting Barack Obama’s approval first, so appointing this Muslim is most likely Obama’s idea.

Muslims like to kill people.  They kill each other, they kill their wives, and they kill their children.  As Muslims are fond of saying, they “love death as much as others love life”.  And its true.

Syrians gassed Syrian men, women and children recently.  Killed hundreds of innocent children, out in their neighborhoods playing.

Syrian Gas Deaths

Muslims rape and murder as a form of worship.  These images are images of Islamic worship.  This is how they show their moon god Allah that they are obedient to him.

The girl who has just had her throat cut open is most likely still alive.  That is why the Muslims are holding her, and why her blood is flowing so quickly.  It is also absolutely most likely that she was repeatedly gang raped in the days before they slaughtered her.

Muslims actively worshiping Allah

Muslims actively worshiping Allah

Who is fighting to defend these innocent people? No one.  The Islamic State is killing every Christian they find, even beheading children.  Thousands of them.

God Says Rescue The Oppressed

As Christians, we are commanded by God to save the oppressed. Note the following scriptures, and remember that God Is A Warrior

      • Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. — Isaiah 1:17
      • Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. — Psalm 82:3
      • And I brake the jaws of the wicked, and plucked the spoil out of his teeth. — Job 29:17
      • He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor. — Psalm 72:4
      • Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? — Proverbs 24:11-12 (NIV)
    • Note that Job was the most righteous servant of God on earth, according to God. In Job 1:8, God states that “there is none like Job on earth”.   And Job himself broke the jaws of the oppressor.

You WILL have to help your neighbors.  Oppression IS coming.  Your neighbors WILL need to help you.  If armed men are breaking into your home, do you want your neighbor to show up to help you with a mouth full of words?  Or do you want him to show up with a battle rifle and the ability to properly use it to defend you and your family?

Having proved that God is a warrior, and subsequently proved that Christians are required by God to protect the oppressed, we now read Jesus’ command to His followers to arm themselves in a new light.

Did GOD command Christians to arm themselves?

Luke 22:36 – Arm Yourself Now – Jesus commanded his followers to arm themselves immediately.  He reminded them that they formerly did not need weapons or sandals or money or a pack, but that since He was leaving, that they now must be properly armed, have money and extra supplies.
Arm and Prepare.

Peter then produced two swords and Jesus told him that those were good.  Peter used one of these same swords later to attack a Temple guard when they arrested Jesus.  Jesus simply told Peter to put the weapon away, that He had to be arrested. It was Gods design.

Clearly we are commanded by God to be armed with current personal weapon technology.  No one would suggest that Jesus would have us carry swords when our evil enemies carry rifles.

Jesus Broke The Law And Disobeyed The Government

What you never hear taught in church is that Jesus broke Roman civil government law by ordering his followers to arm themselves.  You see, according to the Codex Justinaius, (Roman Law), it was absolutely forbidden for non-Roman citizens to own or carry personal weapons.  Non-Roman citizens were any person who was not a Roman citizen.  They were called “barbarians”, and denied the natural right to self defense technology.

The Jews were extremely hostile to Rome, so the Jews were forbidden from possessing weapons.  The Temple Guards had swords, but that would be by arrangement with the Roman Governor.  And Peter was not arrested for striking the Temple Guard with his sword because Jesus healed that wound on-the-spot and that guard was very confused.  So Peter got away, as Christ intended.

Roman Law Forbids Disciples To Own Weapons

Here is an excerpt from the Codex pertaining to Barbarians owning weapons –

  1. Barbarians

When it came to individuals other than Roman citizens owning weapons, the Code tended to be much less ambiguous. For understandable reasons, the Romans imposed a heavy penalty on arms merchants or manufacturers foolish enough to peddle their wares to barbarian tribes:

Let no one dare to sell to foreign-born barbarians of any race whatsoever, who claim to have come to this most holy city on an embassy, or on any other errand, or to any other city or place, leather cuirasses (loricas), shields (scuta), arrows for the bow (arcus sagittas), doubled-edged swords (spathas), ordinary swords (gladios), or arms (arma) of any other type. Not a single weapon (tela) and absolutely nothing made of iron, finished or still unfinished, is to be sold to these same persons in pieces (distrahatur) by any person. For it is destructive to the Roman Empire and next to treasonous to furnish such barbarians, who should be deprived of these things, with weapons (telis), with the result that they become more fearsome. If anyone, moreover, has sold in any place to foreign-born barbarians from any nation any kind of arms (aliquid armorum genus) contrary to the piety of our laws, we decree that his entire property immediately be confiscated and added to the public treasury, and that he also suffer the penalty of death (CJ.4.41.2, a.d. 455-57).[xxiv]

The severe penalty affixed to the sale of arms to barbarians reflected the Romans’ abiding concern with the restless hordes constantly threatening their Asian, African, and European borders. Indeed, as Brunt suggests, it would seem to contravene common sense to suppose that the Emperor would ever have desired loyal inhabitants of the border provinces, who would have been useful for quelling insurrections or fending off barbarian invasions, especially in those vast areas where no Roman troops were stationed, to be disarmed.[xxv]

See the entire research document here: Roman Legal Treatment Of Personal Ownership Of Weapons

What do we do, in light of this revelation?

Obey God and arm yourself.  Arm yourself in spite of any law to the contrary.  Arm yourself because God commands you to be armed.  If you cannot afford a good battle rifle, sell property and buy one.  Buy substantial ammunition for it.  Make sure you have extra supplies, extra cash on hand and a pack or trailer or something to move your food, money and weapons in.  Ignore any law that attempts to stand between you and obedience to God.  Arm yourself and be prepared to use it.

Peter walked with God and had no problem striking that Temple guard in the head with the sword he previously showed to Jesus and which Jesus approved.  You need to summon the same courage and be prepared to shoot in the head the enemy when he comes, because he is coming.

Turn The Other Cheek

Turning a cheek is one thing, allowing anything more than that is something else.  If some prissy man slaps me in the face, I can turn the other cheek easily enough.  But if some demonic gang slaughters my family, and I remarry and have another family, do I let another demonic gang slaughter my family again as I “turn the other cheek”?

So “turning the other cheek” pertains to slight offenses, minor things that amount to very little.  Warfare pertains to life and death, and for that Jesus requires that you arm yourself.

Will you submit to God, or tremble in fear at the mere suggestion of combat?

You cannot run from this.  You cannot claim that God meant some other thing when He flatly stated to be armed. You can see from the Codex that it was also illegal for the Jews to be armed, and Jesus knew that.  Evil men are coming.  They are coming to deny your right to defend yourself.  Will you disobey God and disarm yourself to comply with man’s law, or will you stand in faith and obedience?

Evil men plan to harm every Christian.  The plan is underway in Africa and the Middle East.  Our current President is clearly a Muslim, as all evidence indicates, and he just inserted a Muslim into the Intelligence Committee.  That Muslim will be looking to arrest you, Christian.  Will you break the jaw of the oppressor?  Will you rescue those oppressed being led away to death?

Or will you take the “yellow” brick road and very spiritually say “Jesus did not command us to arm ourselves.  We are to have faith that He is in control. He will rapture us out of this world.”

God uses people to move the faith forward.  Why is it that Christians think God does NOT use people when its time to fight?  Hundreds of examples are in the Bible where God repeatedly sent His people forward to fight a wicked enemy.  He calls you now to arm yourself, to store extra supplies and the means to transport those supplies.  Get ready now, or soon watch the real believers on the news fight the fight that you are hereby called to fight today in the Name of Jesus.



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