An Email From An Unsubscriber Regarding Flat Earth Content

One of my long-term subscribers, with whom I have shared many emails, unsubscribed today.  He did not like the flat earth content I published.  There is plenty of flat earth in the Bible, and I suppose there are many who unsubscribe from it, too.

Below is his short reply to my email to him after he unsubscribed, and at the top is my longer reply to his response to my initial reply.

On 11/7/2016 7:17 AM, mike333 wrote:
Subscriber has unsubscribed.

From: Jerry<[email protected]>
To: mike333 <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 10:45 AM
Subject: Later, in Heaven
Mike, I saw that you unsubscribed.  Sorry to see you go, but I expect this from time to time.  Stay strong, brother.

On 2/15/2017 11:17 AM, Michael XXXXXXX wrote:
Hi Jerry –
you lost me on the flat earth.  I’ll stay open minded and explore more.  If you’re feeling impressed by the Holy Spirit to publish flat earth, then by all means, do it.  God forbid that I would tell you what to do… you just need to listen to the Holy Spirit.
still praying for you.

From: Jerry<[email protected]>
To: mike333 <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 2:38 PM
Subject: Re:Later, in Heaven

Mike, did you read the content, watch the videos and refer to the scriptures that speak to the flat earth in my two articles?  Or did your mind just slam shut on the absurdity of it all?

I do understand how extremely difficult it is to consider the earth might truly be flat.  It was difficult for me to consider it, too.  Very.  But my experience with the Lord is beyond unique.  It has been exceptionally supernatural from the beginning.  Therefore I probably can find some of this easier to swallow than most rational human beings.

Helping me along is the knowledge that NASA is possibly the biggest lying organization on earth, as corrupt as the Jesuits and the CIA.  And if NASA lied about Apollo and the moon landing, then they are clearly capable of lying about anything, including “photos of earth from space” which depict a round ball.

  • Why would NASA want to hide the fact of a flat earth? 
  • Why are you and I forbidden by international treaty to explore Antarctica? The treaty states in Article VII (sections 1,2 and 4) that only state designated observers can explore Antarctica and they must report their findings to their state sponsor.  Even tours (ship/plane) have to be licensed and their routes per-approved.
  • Why are there hotspots on earth under the sun as it circles around the earth if (if) the sun is 93,000,000 miles away?  The light from that distance would disperse evenly across the earth with no visible hotspots.
  • And this question just popped into my head – why is the heat of the sun scorching hot in my back yard if that heat from the sun just traversed 93,000,000 miles of -400 degree F of interstellar space vacuum?  Heat cannot travel through a vacuum, and if its infrared heat, then blocking infrared radiation would block heat.  But they allegedly use battery/solar powered air-conditioners to cool the space station, rather than infrared shielding with allowances for heating.
  • Why does a 106 mile long bridge (China) have ZERO earth curvature calculated into it when the earth allegedly curved at 8 inches mile, squared?  At 106 miles, the curvature (if it existed) would be over 6000 feet, Mike.  That is over one mile of curvature that is not there.

I have questions, Mike.  I have many questions and I continue to run into obstacles which should not be there.

My position is that if the earth was created flat, then it still is and it never changed.  Many (100’s?) of Holy Scriptures point directly at a flat earth, covered with a vault, which is in turned covered by water.

Read these scriptures, Mike:

Read them if you want to know precisely what the Lord God says about this subject, Mike.

If you want a rock-solid starting place, start with proving the curvature of the earth.  You can do it yourself with no special tools.  You can easily prove to yourself that there is no curvature.  Physical proof, not someone else’s opinion or likely Photoshopped images.

And Mike, expect mental and emotional resistance within yourself.  Even I struggle to accept flat-earth facts.  It is a terrible struggle inside me, but I want to know the truth more than I value my own life.  If I ever conclude that the earth is flat, you will hear me shout it from here to the vault above 🙂

Jesus said the truth will set us free.  It’s true.  We should pursue truth even unto death, abandoning what we think we know and embracing what we discover is true.


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