Vision: The Roaring, Flaming Sword of The LORD GOD Now Comes To Separate The Righteous From The Unrighteous


The Personal Testimony of Jerry Davis.  Once I was the enemy of God and His people.  Now I am the servant of the Most High, and serve His people.


Small Child


My Vision

The Coming


I am Jerry Davis.  I grew up in a very harsh home/family environment and never had any interest in The LORD GOD.  I started Ouija Boarding at age 13, drinking at age 14, sex and marijuana at age 15 and driving at age 16.  I did some bad things, such as break and enter into peoples homes in the middle of the night to steal their alcohol.  Then my friends and I would go swimming in the neighbors pools, or play on their trampolines.  All after midnight, and always drunk.

But my mother prayed for me.  I in spite of my conscious will to dishonor God, He saved me.  At age 36 He put me in a very evil, off-the-charts nightmare situation and I had to make a choice.  Well, the choice was obvious: Find out who He is and pursue Him. He loves.

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Psalms 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.